About Robert Saint-Aubin


Some attorneys bring to the table one year’s experience thirty times over.  SAINT-AUBIN has always been more challenged, and more successful, enlarging his experience by finding solutions to new problems. A graduate of MIT's Sloan School of Management and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, SAINT-AUBIN’s substantive experience includes:

Appellate matters

Statutes of limitations; statutes of repose, final judgments, appealability, appellate jurisdiction, Constitutional issues, class actions. SAINT-AUBIN continues to serve as a Settlement Judge for the Nevada Supreme Court.


IPOs, CDOs, private placements, stocks, bonds and other investments;.SAINT-AUBIN continues to serve as a FINRA arbitrator and mediator.

Real estate matters

Residential and commercial leases and sales, construction loans, title questions, CC+Rs, homeowner associations,  easements, rights of way, mechanics liens, construction contracts and construction defects; mortgages and deeds of trust, and foreclosures.

All commercial and business matters

UCC, leasing, advertising, warranties, product recalls, business torts, Accountants’ liability and Bankruptcy.

 Federal and state anti-discrimination law

EEO, age, race and sex discrimination, compliance, ombudsman, administrative and judicial appeals, and class actions.

Workers’ compensation

Occupational safety and health; chemical exposure.


Compliance and competitive practices, restraint of trade, fair trade, deceptive practices, and advertising.


Toxic torts, personal injuries, class actions, fraud and misrepresentation, negligence, commercial and personal products liability.

Administrative procedures

Jurisdiction, forums, appeals, and exhaustion of remedies.

Natural resources

Mining, mining claims, federal, state and local permits, financing, title examination, title insurance, title disputes, fractional title, adverse possession, conflicting and competing title claims, General Mining Law, claim location and staking, precious metals, minerals, fossil fuels, solution mining, fracking, water rights, Federal, state and private leases, and Indian reservations.

Environmental law and regulation

All federal, state, and local, permits, CERCLA, RCRA, hazardous waste, disposal sites, multi-party sites, liability, negotiation of multi-party settlements, pollution clean-up, contamination removal, air and water pollution, NRDA, Compliance, Land Use, EIR/EIS, Coastal Commission, and City planning commissions.

Indian Law

Native American rights and sovereignty, mining on and near Tribal lands, Tribal governance and Tribal courts, Tribal employment rights, environmental issues on and near Tribal lands, cultural resources, natural resources damage assessments, NRDA, NRDA trustee councils, and Lead Administrative Trustees.

Family Law

Pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, gay rights, LGBT rights and planning, property rights and distribution, and community property.

Estate Planning

Powers of attorney, joint accounts, wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, estate and trust administration.





You may reach SAINT-AUBIN at 949-466-2400, or 702-985-2400, and at rfsaint@me.comr@rfsaint.com or rfs@coastmediator.com.